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Proof of Play is a game studio and blockchain technology company rolled into one. We're building real, uncompromisingly fun, fully on-chain games. We believe in the power of decentralization and are open-sourcing our technology so other developers and the broader blockchain ecosystem can benefit. Our team consists of veteran game developers and entrepreneurs who have shipped games played by hundreds of millions of people and have grossed $1+ billion in revenue.

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Fun first

Fun first

Games need to be, above all, fun. We believe in the blockchain as a tool to make games more fun to play and build, not the other way around.

Player owned

Player owned

Our games empower players as owners of their characters and earned assets, unlocking exciting and rewarding possibilities.

Fully decentralized

Fully decentralized

We create games that are built to last. Because our games are decentralized and open-source, they run forever, are remixable, and belong to the community.

Our live games

Pirate Nation

Pirate Nation

An onchain role playing game built & scaled on the Proof of Play game platform. Quest, craft and battle other players across the high seas to discover treasure and unexpected surprises.

Learn about our tech stack

A fully onchain infrastructure suite to power the next generation of decentralized gaming. Built by crypto-natives.

Mirroring tech: trade on L1, play on L2

Mirroring tech: trade on L1, play on L2

Mirroring makes tokens multi-chain compatible. Bridgeless, portable and interoperable: Trade on Ethereum L1, Play on an L2.

Gasless & signless player experience

Gasless & signless player experience

A seamless onboarding and gameplay experience, abstracting away the friction and complexity of the blockchain.

Game-optimized VRF

Game-optimized VRF

A blockchain-gaming optimized VRF, performing ~500% faster and ~3x more econonomical than mainstream alternatives.

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Join over 30,000 gamers and early adopters in our vibrant community to enjoy active gaming conversations and other fun social activities.

Backed by the best


Chris Dixon & Josh Lu

Neil Mehta

Balaji Srinivasan

Former CTO of Coinbase

Diogo Mónica

CEO of Anchorage Digital

Justin Kan

Cofounder of Twitch

Justin Waldron

Cofounder of Zynga, CEO of PlayCo

Nikil Viswanathan

CEO of Alchemy

Immad Akhund

CEO of Mercury

Gabby Dizon


Naval Ravikant

Cofounder of AngelList

+ many other incredible angels and founders

Crafted by veterans

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